Outdoor Adventure Training - Get Outdoors with The O.A.T.!


ThatOutdoorGuy #MountainAdventurers #SubaruAmbassadors #2016ObozTraillTalesAmbassador #SKAmbassadorFive decades in the making, I am living into the role that I  have cultivated through my many social media and real life connections. 

My love of the outdoors, my passion for personal and family adventures, and my burning desire to help others gain the knowledge and experience needed to #GetOutdoors more safely and more often is truly who I am, who I've always wanted to be, and who I hope to be throughout the remainder of my lifetime.

To the amazing partners I've joined forces with, the many equally amazing outdoor adventure friends and colleagues, and any who've played a part in what has become my surreal role as @ThatOutdoorGuy, I thank you beyond my ability to express that gratitude in words.

Come along with me as I discover what lies ahead for me on this amazing outdoor adventure, and be sure to 
"Ask @ThatOutdoorGuy"!


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